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Woody Harrelson asked if he’s playing Garris Shrike in untitled Han Solo Star Wars story


Recently named Star Wars addition Woody Harrelson sat down in the Variety Studio and was asked about a particular character he might be playing in the as-yet-untitled Han Solo standalone. The character is Star Wars Legends figure Garris Shrike. Check out the video below.

Personally I’m inclined to take this as joking. The overall delivery of the reply reminds me a lot of Mads Mikkelsen’s teasing about his character before the release of Rogue One. Granted, Mads was telling the truth; however, it’s such a known thing that Star Wars actors are not supposed to talk about their characters during production that even the others in the room with Harrelson jokingly tell him not to reveal anything. To us, the whole question and answer reads like one long joke. Crazier things have happened though, so it’s definitely worth remembering this.

For more on Garris Shrike, who’s been de-canonized with the creation of Star Wars Legends, check out his Wookieepedia page.


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