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“Blue Harvest” Episode 87: His Royal Highness King Tom

This week Hawes and Will are graced by the presence of podcasting royalty, King Tom himself! Together the three of them discuss all of the latest developments in the world of Star Wars.

  • Hawes and Will get to know King Tom a little better. What are his first experiences with Star Wars? Who is his favorite character? What did he think of the prequels? What spin off movie would he be most interested in seeing?
  • The Han Solo movie has begun filming with a cool code name!
  • Hawes presents his new favorite theory to King Tom and Will.
  • Hawes discusses his new collecting “holy grail.”

Listener e-mail and voice messages are discussed.

  • What do we want to see in the first trailer for The Last Jedi?
  • What will be the ultimate legacy of Rogue One? Will the connection with Rogue Squadron ever be explained?
  • Were some of Sabine’s Mandalorians involved in the battle of Scarif?
  • Richie from Boston loves Cassian Andor. A lot.
  • The latest voicemail from Ki-Adi-Mundi unveils the seedier side of Kit Fisto.
  • More Boba Fett spin-off talk

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