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“Blue Harvest” Episode 89: Running From an Angel

This week Hawes and Will are back again to talk about all of the latest developments in Star Wars.

  • Hasbro announces more products in the 40th anniversary line including a Celebration exclusive Luke Skywalker figure.
  • Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy have been confirmed for a Celebration panel on April 14th 2017! Along with the announcement Rian Johnson released a picture of the First Order stormtroopers from The Last Jedi. Apparently there are slight differences in the design, but we can’t pick them out.
  • Force Friday has been confirmed for September 1st 2017, and the product artwork has been released. We have our first look at Rey, Poe, and Finn from The Last Jedi. You know what that means: over-analyzation of a single Star Wars image!

Listener e-mail and voicemail are read and discussed!

  • How do Force ghosts work? How would Hawes and Will want their Force ghosts to appear?
  • What are Hawes and Will’s favorite costumes for Han, Leia, and Luke in the original trilogy?
  • Everyone’s favorite Jedi council member calls in with some behind the scenes info about the filming of the prequel trilogy!
  • Vader Nick wants to know which Star Wars movies Hawes would compare to different Metallica albums.
  • How will the First Order make itself a force to be reckoned with after its defeat in The Force Awakens?

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