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“Blue Harvest” Episode 90: Not Even the Trees

Will, Hawes, and special guest Goose Payne are beset by technical difficulties as they attempt to discuss this week’s Star Wars news.

  • Goose’s thoughts on Rogue One
  • Rogue One has a release date!
  • Celebration Orlando will kick off with a 40th anniversary panel. What surprises await?
  • Are the original unaltered versions of the original trilogy movies going to be released this year?
  • The first cast photo from the untitled Han Solo movie has been released!

Listener e-mails and voicemails are discussed.

  • A listener writes in with a request to play an old “Blue Harvest” bit
  • What would Will, Hawes, and Goose do if they were in Anakin’s position during Revenge of the Sith?
  • What’s does the future hold for Sabine in Star Wars Rebels?
  • Will the Han Solo movie keep its May 2018 release date?
  • What are Hawes, Will, and Goose’s favorite and least favorite Special Edition changes?
  • Why hasn’t Star Wars Rebels done more with the character of Bendu?
  • The podcast is graced with a voice message from another Sors Bandeam himself!

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