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Who Should Be The Next Mandalore?

The latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Legacy of Mandalore” closes with a rather profound declaration by Sabine Wren. As she reflects on her decision to depart the Ghost crew and remain in Mandalorian space, Sabine tells Fenn Rau, “I’m not Mandalore’s leader, but I’ll find the person who is.”

Which raises the obvious question of who should that person be? Lets take a look at some of the candidates:

1. Boba Fett

Since he was Mandalore in the Expanded Universe, we might as well start here and get this out of the way. Unfortunately for EU fans, neither Boba Fett nor Jango Fett are Mandalorian. We have both in-universe statements to this effect as well as real world statements. In The Clone Wars series, Mandalorian Prime Minster Almec states, “Jango Fett was a common bounty hunter! How he acquired that armor is beyond me.” While in the real world, Thus Spoke Pablo:


So sorry folks, but Boba ain’t picking up the Darksaber any time soon.

2. Korkie Kryze

Korkie was a Mandalorian Academy cadet and nephew of the last legitimate ruler of Mandalore, Satine Kryze. Trained by Ahsoka Tano and no doubt his aunt as well, Korkie would be a formidable person on Mandalore with a strong claim on the throne. Whether he survived the Mandalorian Civil War at the end of The Clone Wars or the Imperial occupation is not known. But this is one guy to keep an eye on.

3. Ursa Wren

The ruler of Clan Wren is a force in her own right. She killed the last ruler of Mandalore, Imperial Governor Gar Saxon. Her daughter possesses the Darksaber but has already given it to her once. She has the potential strength to lead Mandalore, but does she have the boldness to challenge tradition and establish a new order?

4. Tristan Wren

A warrior who with a foot in both the Imperial and traditional Mandalorian camps. His knowledge of both could make him a key player in the chaos to come. If something were to happen to his mother, father and/or sister, he could find himself at the head of Clan Wren and possibly all of Mandalore.

5. B0-Katan

We have indications from Katee Sackhoff during a convention appearance that she would be reprising her role of Bo-Katan before season three began. Did she record something that wasn’t use as story changes were made or is it still to come in season four? Seems hard to imagine they had her record something that far ahead of time, but you never know.

We do know that in The Clone Wars, Ahsoka led Republic forces back to Mandalore to interviene and concept art stated that Ahsoka appointed B0-Katan provisional leader. It is possible Bo-Katan served in that capacity until the end of the Clone Wars when the Empire then sought to control Mandalore and appointed Governor Saxon. It is possible B0-Katan was executed for forced into exile, we simply don’t know at this point. As a grizzled veteran and ally of House Viszla she seems like a likely candidate and ally for Sabine to seek out an potentially annoint as the new Mandalore.

6. Sabine Wren

While she denied the throne in this episode, Sabine gives off a very strong Aragorn vibe and it is easy to see how despite her search for a better candidate she will ultimately be forced to recognize that she is the best and only option to unite and move her society into the future. This is one strong possibility but I suspect the crew of Rebels will choose a different path, much like Sabine.

7. Fenn Rau


The former Mandalorian Protector and leader, has shown himself to be knowledgeable and respectful of Mandalorian cutlure. He has proven to be both tough adversary and a strong ally to Sabine and the Rebels. He seems to be a bit of a wild card at this point, not formally part of a clan or house, the perfect sort of neutral Mandalorian that a majority of clans or houses could end up settling upon to be the next Mandalore. The choice that was right under Sabine’s nose the entire time might not be the most exciting choice, but it would seem to make a great deal of narrative sense especially if they don’t have a ton of episodes over which to tell this story.

There you have it folks, my best guess on who Sabine might choose. Who do you think should be the next Mandalore?



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