“Blue Harvest” 93: Ki-Adi, Married with Children, with Jason Ward

This week Hawes is joined by the one and only Jason Ward from MakingStarWars.net and “Now this is Podcasting!”

  • Hawes’ unfortunate tweet about Johnny Grasso
  • Will Captain Phasma have a fancy new weapon in The Last Jedi? If so, will she actually use it?
  • Frank Oz is being cagey about his involvement in The Last Jedi. What does it mean?
  • What the hell is up with Luke?

Listener e-mails and voicemails are discussed.

  • The man himself, Steve-Adi, calls in with a question about the legendary exploits of the Jedi with the funniest-shaped head in the galaxy.
  • Was the announcement that there will be no Celebration in 2018 due to poor ticket sales for Celebration Europe last year?
  • How will the character of Luke evolve from when we last saw him in Return of the Jedi? Does he have a plan?
  • King Tom wants to know: if we could travel back in time to any Star Wars-related event, what would it be?

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