For the second week in a row Mike and Joao explore more of the Skywalker family.
Quick episode summary:
  • iTunes review shout-outs
  • Mike & Joao place a bet
  • News: Luke speaks in the teaser trailer for Disney Shareholders ****SPOILER WARNING: Start 8:43 to 22:26 End****
  • New segment: Force lighting
  • Main Topic: the Skywalker lightsaber
  • If Rey is not a Skywalker why did it call to her?
  • Lightsabers compared to the wands in Harry Potter
  • The Excalibur comparison 
  • Comparing the Skywalker lightsaber to Thor’s Mjolnir (Hammer)
  • Comparing the Skywalker lightsaber to the Ring in Lord of the Rings 
  • The destiny of the Skywalker lightsaber
  • The Kyber crystal

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