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Life-size AT-ATs to be a part of Disneyland’s Star Wars Experience!

Over the last year Disneyland and Disney World have started construction on the “Star Wars Experience” (once nicknamed Star Wars Land), and if you live in California or Florida, then you probably have seen the giant space opened up for it. It’s been just a giant construction area but now we get a first glimpse on what we can expect to see. Twitter user @Mouseinfo tweeted a picture of what seems to be the start of a two life-size AT-ATs: also spotted the life size AT-ATs and recorded what it looks like:


Based on the construction photos of the AT-ATs, you can only really make out the stomach of the vehicle, which looks absolutely massive. If you’ve been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios then you probably have seen the giant AT-AT in front of Star Tours. I am assuming that’s what we’ll be seeing at the Star Wars Experience, but they could potentially be much taller. Thanks to Slashfilm for the heads-up!

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