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Rian gifts Boyega Episode VIII-centric painting based on gobbledygook dialogue

Star Wars: The Last Jedi star John Boyega shared this awesome art and fun Episode VIII tidbit on his Instagram. We’ve all heard Star Wars actors lightheartedly poke fun at some of the really impossible lines of dialogue they have to say, and it seems even Star Wars superfan Boyega isn’t immune to the problem.

We don’t know what a “bio-hexacrypt” is, but ooh boy it definitely sounds like something interesting (or absolutely dull, who knows). “Bio” in Star Wars is typically short for biological but it can also be short for biographical. “Hexa” means six, and “crypt” typically refers to an underground chamber. Hmmm. It’s certainly fun speculating about what it is and how it may related to what we know of Finn’s story so far.  The artist who did this painting did an incredible job, and I want a copy!

Check out the image below:



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