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Two Rogue One: A Star Wars Story clips offer behind-the-scenes look at the film

In preparation for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Blu-ray and digital HD on April 4th, USA Today posted two exclusive clips featuring behind-the-scenes looks at the film.

The first video focuses on the always hilarious Alan Tudyk and K-2SO, and how there were some instances where he had to film with a cardboard cutout of K2’s face propped up on his shoulders as a stand-in for the CGI.  Diego Luna, who might be the most charming man alive, makes a brief cameo as well.

While the first is a literal behind-the-scenes, the second video is more akin to an instructional video, highlighting some of the various inter-saga connections from Rogue One to other Star Wars films.

I really enjoyed seeing Tudyk describe his filming experience and watching his goofy outfit and cardboard K2 head.  The second was a bit overproduced for me; I felt like I was at a planetarium and they were teaching me about the solar system.  Still, it’s always fun to see all the connections throughout the Star Wars universe.  It will be great to see more videos like this when Rogue One releases, but I’m not sure they can possibly make up for the lack of deleted scenes.

Head over to USA Today to read the full article.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story can be pre-ordered on Amazon now!


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