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Untitled young Han Solo Story to need over 250 people for Fuerteventura shoot?

Our friends at informed us of an interesting tidbit related to the new untitled young Han Solo story. The production will clearly have a lot of extras involved in the sequence they’re shooting at Fuerteventura. This makes the shoot likely to not be second unit work shooting plates something on the more trivial side. The shoot will require between 250 to 350 people.

A total of 250 people, including actors, specialists and other members of the team, will disembark on the Island to participate in a shoot whose start date remains unknown. The producer has permission to shoot until the first week of June. On the golden sands of Cañada de la Barca, in the peninsula of Jandía, tents and trailers have already begun to be installed to continue the shooting developed during the last weeks at the Pinewood studios in London.

It appears to be for a sizable sequence which means it could be for something exciting. With so much excitement around the film, I imagine the locals will begin to talk about the amazing things they’re seeing and hopefully we get wind of some of it and can get a vibe on the film from it. A young Han Solo having adventures in the galaxy is in full swing now and we couldn’t be more excited for it.

There’s still no word on what heroes will be in the sequence.

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