Blue Harvest

“Blue Harvest” Episode 96: Brad Harvest

Hawes and Will managed to squeeze in an episode before Celebration and are joined by Brad Love!

  • Hawes and Will get to know Brad a little better. What’s his favorite Star Wars movie? Who is his favorite character? What would he like to see in a future spin-off film?
  • Will has questions about the new Timothy Zahn Thrawn novel.
  • Carrie Fisher to appear in Episode IX with previously filmed footage?
  • Hawes and Will receive a care package from their favorite Mandalorian!

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Jim taunts Hawes with Green Day references and manages some Star Wars questions at the same time.
  • King Tom writes in to honor a very special anniversary.
  • Oliver from Sweden writes in with his OWN very special anniversary!
  • Evan wonders if knowing too much about the making of a Star Wars movies takes away from the overall enjoyment of the final product.
  • Vinny the Mandalorian calls in to talk about Rebels.
  • Richie from Boston has some questions about recent statements from Bob Iger!

Going to Celebration? Want to attend a special Making Star Wars podcast network event? Check out this link for tickets!

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