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“Blue Harvest” Episode 97: Star Wars Celebration Orlando Recap Part 2

Before listening to this episode make sure to check out episode 53 of “Rogue Won” for part 1 of our Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 recap!

This week Hawes and Will are joined by Johnny Grasso and Jessie McGarity to continue their recap of this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

  • The Making Star Wars party, the night Hawes was most nervous about, turns out to be the highlight of the whole trip!
  • The poems were released–how does Johnny feel about it?
  • Saturday of Celebration. Sal and his wonderful family get much-deserved recognition during the Rebels panel. Hawes, Johnny, and Jessie spend the day wandering the show floor and Hawes blows cash on Star Wars stuff.
  • The crew gets together to hang out again Saturday night and Aaron Boyd blows Hawes away with his arsenal of impressions.
  • Hawes, Jessie, Calvin, Stephanie, and Johnny have a run-in with a malfunctioning parking meter.
  • Sunday of Celebration. Hawes and Jessie say goodbye to all of their new friends, and Hawes starts suffering from post-Celebration blues.

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