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Blue Harvest Episode 98: The Last Barbarian

Hawes is joined by Jeremy the Space Barbarian this week to discuss collecting and The Last Jedi trailer!

  • Jeremy has the Star Wars collecting bug and it’s all Hawes’ fault
  • Hawes and Jeremy spend a day searching for 40th Anniversary figures
  • The Last Jedi teaser trailer. What are Jeremy’s thoughts and favorite moments?
  • Does the placement of Kylo’s scar really bother anyone?
  • Does Luke really want the Jedi to end?

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Richie calls in to give his opinion on The Last Jedi trailer. Things get messy.
  • Neal has a theory about the last line of dialogue in the trailer
  • Chris wants to discuss the symbolism of Kylo’s broken mask
  • Shaun thinks George Lucas rules. So do we.
  • Conner wants to know what the deal is with the term “Grey Jedi.”
  • Joe writes in to discuss a specific moment from Rogue One
  • Sors Bandeam has an attempt made on his life and he’s not stoked about it
  • King Tom, the King of all Toms, needs some comforting after the announcement of the release date for Episode IX.

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