Bonus Content: Rebel Grrrrl at the Making Star Wars Podcast Network live show

The live podcast mashup event the galaxy was waiting for! WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Hosted by Steele Saunders (“Steele Wars”) – Jason Ward (“NTiP!”) joins Steele to welcome the packed audience and talk Star Wars Celebration highlights.

Rebecca Benjamin (“Tarkin’s Top Shelf”), Ryder Waldron (“Idiot’s Array”) and Travis English (“Force Cult”) break down their The Last Jedi teaser highlights.

Amanda Ward (“Rebel Grrrl”) and Tracy Gardner (“Rebel Grrrl”) talk panel highlights and line hardships and take a audience question.

Johnny Grasso (“Rogue Won”), Hawes Burkhardt (“Rogue Won” and “Blue Harvest”) and Mike Pappas (“Rogue Won”) finally RELEASE THE POEMS once penned by a lovestruck Grasso. With letter readings by Randy Lo Gudice, Jason Ward, Sal Perales & Steele Saunders.

Sal Perales (NTiP) talks about appearing in the 40th Annivseray video and his kirate exploits around Celebration.

THE #MENDO ERROTIC FAN FICTION LIVE READ. Penned by Emily Lind, Narrated by Randy Lo Gudice (“NTiP1”). “Random woman” by Maude Garrett. “Director Orson Krennic” by Jason Ward. “Sound” “Effects” by Steele Saunders

You can only get the entire live podcast by becoming a patron of either “Steele Wars” or “Now, This is Podcasting!” so go and patronize them if you haven’t already!


The portion of the show before this is available from Tarkin’s Top Shelf, Idiot’s Array and Force Cult, and the following portion is available from Rogue Won: A Podcast For Winners!

unspecified - Bonus Content: Rebel Grrrrl at the Making Star Wars Podcast Network live show

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