Check out Jenny Nicholson’s new Star Wars show “Millennial Falcon”!

The hilarious and always refreshing Jenny Nicholson has teamed up with the clever folks at Screen Junkies (who make the Honest Trailers) on a brand new weekly Star Wars talk show. YouTube can sometimes be overflowing with Star Wars theories, dissection and criticism but Millennial Falcon is a fun, fresh take on Star Wars discussion and I highly suggest you check it out.

In it’s first episode, Jenny is joined by IGN Executive Editor Eric Goldman, chef Matt Dhillon, and Lucasfilm creature designer Terryl Whitlatch who designed one of my favorite aliens, Jar Jar Binks! Check out the episode below and subscribe to the Screen Junkies News channel to keep up with new releases.


Maybe by sharing this she’ll let me on her show. Maybe.


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