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Details on Snoke, his guards, Kylo Ren & more from Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Please do not share the details of this article openly on social media and spoil Star Wars: The Last Jedi for those that want to remain spoiler free. These are very general spoilers but let’s respect other fan’s wishes and not spoil those that do not appreciate spoilers.  Be cool! 

Snoke is looking more and more like a new character. I always believed this to be the case but you still have to speculate and ask “what if?” In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Supreme Leader is dressed in black, via hologram, looking like he shops at Palpatine’s old hot spots. The thing is old Snoke wears more outfits than just that boring black robe and in The Last Jedi we get to see him looking very decadent. I think what he wears is probably insightful to his values and concerns as an evil being.

Snoke wears a gold silky robe with a very ornate pattern on it in The Last Jedi. In fact, I think you can pretty much see the robe on page 226 of The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What is also interesting is his slippers are like “jester shoes” or “genie slippers.” They’re also gold because you have to match if you that far in with the gold robe. I think the robe and shoes are lined in red too so he’s stylin’. He has a very “blood and gold” vibe to him.

Another interesting detail is that Snoke wears a fancy ring on his left hand. Remember when I told you guys about those long puppet hands they made for him? Well his hands are decrepit and his pinky is sort of shriveling inward. But that doesn’t stop him from wearing a ring about the size of a “Ring Pop” if you remember the old candy. However, the stone in the ring is black and it could be a black Kyber Crystal according to the rumors around the ring.  There will be more on that side of things later.

I don’t have a lot of details on his throne room but it is opulent. This guy cares about money. Back when he was a good looking young person, he was probably a playboy of sorts. Unlike the Sith, I think wealth means a lot to Supreme Leader Snoke based on his appearance. They based Snoke’s design on a marble aesthetic and I think his throne room has white marble and gold trim.

If Snoke has two tigers that walk around his house, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Things get weirder when it comes to the new “Praetorian Guards” of which there are six to eight of them. I’m not sure if they’re actually called “Praetorian Guards” or if that is their placeholder name because of the similarity to the Roman Imperial Guards.  These guys are a new spin on the Royal Guards that Emperor Palpatine used. They have glossy red armor, shell plating, and matte red cloth elements for the capes and such. The old guards had that black visor that defined them but these new guys have a much different head shape. These new guards all have different helmets but they don’t have visors to the best of my knowledge. The helmets are lot like the far out designs they came up with for Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens where it was sort of a medieval helmet with upward facing shields with no eye holes. It is such a strange design.  The helmets are just solid red face shields to put it bluntly. I have no idea how most of them see anything. They’re faceless red guards in red armor with red capes and martial arts weapons. The new helmets do not take any design cues from the classic Royal Guards in look or shape.

The interesting thing about the “Praetorian Guards” is they all have different weapons. Pretty much all of the Ninja Turtles are represented. For instance, one has a staff but with two blades on each end. One uses nunchucks. One uses a sword and I think one has some kind of throwing weapon and knives. There are more weapons but I’m not entirely sure what the rest of the break down is for them. These guys are in Snoke’s opulent dwelling and they’re his personal elite guard. I have been told these guys will have an action sequence in the film and they do actually do “something” so we shouldn’t be disappointed by them.

I’m not entirely convinced the black knights that show up on Ahch-To are “The Knights of Ren” anymore and I do wonder if they’re related to the “Praetorian Guards” or if they’re lesser versions of these elite guards. It is weird that there are other melee based guys in knight type outfits and they’re not the Knights of Ren. Maybe the Knights of Ren are simply Kylo’s unit of elite warriors and aren’t that special in the big scope of things? It would seem the Praetorian Guards would be above the Knights of Ren in this context.

Snoke will be on his Mega Destroyer for a lot of the film from what I understand. I think his “palace” could be inside this ship once referred to as a “mobile command unit.” The Mega Destroyer itself is shaped like a flying wing. It just might be the biggest ship we’ve seen in Star Wars outside of a Death Star. You know how the classic Star Destroyer has three large engines? I think this one has at least ten and they’re double stacked. This is also the setting where the First Order BB units can be glimpsed with their hexagonal shaped heads and glossy black bodies with vents that glow red on the inside. This squad rolls deep.

Supreme Leader Snoke was let down by Kylo Ren when he failed to stop the “girl.” Now he is trying to prove himself. He doesn’t wear his helmet as much as he did in the first film from what I’ve been told. His new TIE has pointy wings like the TIE Interceptor but with a pill shaped body. The cockpit is sort of like an old B-29 bomber compared to the classic TIE cockpit window. The thrusters in the back remind me of the Falcon as they glow blue and sort of evoke the Falcon. The custom ship was supposedly made to his specifications so he could take down the Resistance and I believe we see Kylo fly from the Mega Destroyer in his new ship.

As I’ve already mentioned, Captain Phasma has a spear and two Executioner Stormtroopers. The First Order is not messing around in The Last Jedi. They’re relentlessly hunting the Resistance Fleet in the film and Poe and his gang have a reason to run. The First Order is more fearsome than we thought and they don’t even have a Starkiller this time. They have a Mega Destroyer, elite guards, execution Stormtroopers and a Captain Phasma that actually fights this time. All of this is under the command of a guy in a golden kimono.

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