Get tickets for The MSW Podcast Network live podcast party! Now 18+!

Come out and see The MSW Podcast Network Live!
The attending podcasts from MSW Podcast Network are getting together to record live and you can attend, buy us drinks (likely), we’ll buy you drinks (unlikely), and get crazy. The event will be hosted by Steele Saunders so be on your best behavior and disregard that getting crazy part.
 FLYER2 - Get tickets for The MSW Podcast Network live podcast party! Now 18+!

Get your tickets here. 

The show/meet and greet will take place after Star Wars Celebration Orlando at the famous Marlow’s Tavern Friday on the night of April 14th, 2017 at 10:00PM. Each $25 ticket purchase comes with two complimentary drinks at the event bar. The event is 18+ now. We’re really looking forward to meeting and talking to everyone that enjoys the shows on the network. 

MSW Podcast Network Live

April 14th: 10:00PM

Marlow’s Tavern

Pointe Orlando

9101 International Dr

Orlando, FL 32819

Come out and see the MSW Podcast Network shows record live podcasts at Marlow’s Tavern. Featuring podcasters from:

  • Now This is Podcasting!
  • Steele Wars
  • Rebel Grrrl
  • Rogue Won: A Podcast for Winners
  • Force Cult
  • Blue Harvest
  • Idiot’s Array
  • Tarkin’s Top Shelf
  • And any other special guests and ruffians we pick up along the way.

Every $25 ticket purchase comes with two drink tickets. Additional drinks purchased during the event will go towards the cost of the venue and hosting the event. We sold out on the first round of tickets but talked to the venue and were able to make it larger to make sure everyone that wants to come can. However, the event is still limited and will sell out. We suggest buying your tickets as soon as possible! We’re kind of a big deal in the Resistance.

We are looking forward to seeing you all! Johnny Grasso will read his love poems. The poems will be released and you can laugh in his face, in person, in front of us, with us, and your friends! Come as you are.

A note on cost: The cost of the tickets is not designed for profit but rather to cover the expenses required to hold the event at the venue. Your ticket basically guarantees the venue you’re in for two drinks and a tip. All other purchases made through us will go towards covering the event costs. In the unlikely event we end up with any significant profits from the show, we will donate our profits to a worthy cause. 

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