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Southwest Airlines saves and gets them to Star Wars Celebration Orlando!

Today we almost didn’t make it to Star Wars Celebration Orlando. We booked our flights with an airline we’d rather not name. We booked the tickets well in advance. On the morning of our flight, at 3:00 AM, just an hour before we needed to wake up for our flight, we received an e-mail from that airline that our flight was delayed. There was no word on the connecting flight. Why? Because it simply didn’t exist anymore. Their solution was to let us know this once it was too late to do anything about it and we would be missing the first day of Celebration. The guy at the counter for that airline was no help and even tried to send us to Baltimore on our “corrected” ticket with a 13-hour layover. The refund was also going to take several days to go through which made finding a new flight very difficult without being flat broke while in Orlando for the event.

That’s when this tweet came our way, speaking our language:

Southwest stepped in, congratulated my wife on winning “Fan Favorite Fangirl Host of 2017” and flew us to Star Wars Celebration on them. I went from having the worst day of the year to the best day thanks to Southwest Airlines. My team and I will never fly another airline again. They not only took care of us, they understood what a big deal Star Wars Celebration is to us and our culture here.

Southwest Airlines saved Star Wars Celebration for and we’re very grateful to them. Next time you take a flight and you’re looking to make a choice, remember Southwest Airlines was the only airline to appreciate what Star Wars is and what it means to us.

Thank you, Southwest Airlines. Like Princess Leia said to Han Solo there’s “more to you than money!” We’ll always fly Southwest! You’re an angel!

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