Star Wars Fashion: Styles from the Saga

Style Wars Authors: Jenmarie & Savanna

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening…” Coco Chanel — For fans of a certain age, there remains a bit of fear each time they pull a Star Wars t-shirt out of a drawer; each time they don a BB-8 ball cap; each time they pull up their stormtrooper socks.

Star Wars and Fashion: Jenmarie honors Leia (Carrie Fisher)

For years, each of these items might elicit the moniker of nerd, geek, or dork — words that deemed the bearer “uncool”.

Thankfully, for today’s fans, those words are badges of honor.

Geek is now Chic

Pages like and Twitter handles like @acrossthestars give everyone access to Star Wars fans who now occupy the space where fashion and fandom meet; a space that is definitely, and finally, cool.

“Star Wars fashion is so appealing for me because it allows me to express my favorite franchise in a very artistic way,” said Jenmarie (above), the editor of Anakin and His Angel. “I love being able to combine my two passions, Star Wars, and fashion, and create outfits that I feel confident in.

Savanna Kiefer, Star Wars t-shirt

“I also really enjoy sharing the ‘outfit of the day’ posts I create and seeing how they inspire others!”

Known to Star Wars fans as “The Dorky Diva”, Savanna Kiefer (right) works for Hot Topic in Los Angeles.

“Star Wars is the reason why I started podcasting and blogging,” she said. “I wanted to speak my views on the Star Wars franchise, so I started The Dorky Diva as an outlet to talk about what I love in the Star Wars universe.

“Professionally, it’s opened me up to a very creative career,” she added. “I’m an associate digital media producer for Hot Topic and I get to work directly with the Her Universe and BoxLunch brands on a daily basis.

“Getting to create social and video content about Star Wars fashion is a dream come true.”

Star Wars Fashion Wars

Style Wars

Recently, the pair collaborated on the first installment of Style Wars:

Style Wars is an original quarterly series that is a combination of both Jenmarie and Savanna’s two favorite passions – Star Wars and fashion. Together they will be styling Star Wars outfits based off of the same fashion piece. Their mission for this fashion series is to show off how different fangirls envision outfitting Star Wars clothes in their own unique way. Instead of comparing who wore it best, they want to celebrate the different ways Star Wars pieces can be worn.

Both women gave their take on how to wear a “Scarif Scarf” in the première post, with both Savanna and Jenmarie modeling their look.

“Star Wars fashion is appealing now because there’s always new products coming out,” said Savanna, who recently tweeted out packing tips for Star Wars Celebration Orlando (among other topics).

”I remember a few years back it was really difficult to find Star Wars clothing for women that weren’t just a t-shirt.

“Now you can find dresses, jackets, skirts, and so much more. I love incorporating subtle pieces into my everyday wardrobe.”

Jenmarie as Hera

Walk through any mall and you’ll see Star Wars items of every ilk; myriad shops and stores where you’ll find so many of those items outlined on Jenmarie’s site.

Some of my favorite brands that I feel represent Star Wars fashion in a really fantastic way are: Her Universe, Funko, Love and Madness, and Loungefly,” explained Jenmarie. “I’m not a cosplayer but I like to create character-inspired outfits.

“These are different from my normal OOTD posts where I’m clearly wearing Star Wars clothing or accessories. In assembling character-inspired outfits I shop for pieces that resemble what they wear in the films as closely as possible.

“I’ve mastered Bazine Netal and Hera Syndulla so far and I had an equally amazing time creating both of them. It was fun feeling like I was a modern day version of these ladies. And I’m excited to get another character checked off my list!”

Kiefer with Scout Trooper helmet

Kiefer often takes a more direct approach, and, in addition to many of the items you can find in stores, she often models her costumes, too.

“I’m a member of the 501st Legion and cosplay as several Star Wars characters,” she explained. “Fashion and cosplay are really exciting to mesh together sometimes.

“I know the basics of sewing and I used to make my own dresses and skirts, but…after discovering costuming, I got more into painting and creating replica costumes.”

However, when she’s not wearing armor her choice is clear.

“I’m not just repping the brand I work for, but Her Universe is truly amazing,” said Kiefer. “It’s not only a fashion brand, it’s a community for fangirls of all sorts to come together and celebrate what they love.

“Star Wars has always been special to me because it represents more than just a film franchise – it’s a family.”

Community Relations

Jenmarie: The "garbage" will do...
The “garbage” will do…

That community is an important facet of Star Wars and its fashions.

“Through my involvement with my blog and the Star Wars community, I have made so many amazing friends,” said Jenmarie. “It’s fun having so many people to talk about this fandom with, to collaborate with, and to work with.”

These days, and beyond their day jobs, what Savanna and Jenmarie create online is impressive, most impressive.

Their websites are beautiful; full of ideas and fun topics that cover the gamut of the Star Wars galaxy (and social media). Furthermore, their posts stand as a tribute to the movies and stories that have meant so much to so many.

“My earliest memory of Star Wars is walking into the living room where A New Hope was playing on the TV and seeing the scene where Obi-Wan gives Luke his father’s lightsaber,” said Jenmarie. “I wanted to know more.

“I finally saw A New Hope for the first time when I was 11-years-old during the re-release in 1997 and I sat between both of my parents in the theater not wanting it to end.

Everything about it captivated me but I especially loved the overall look of it – it was so different.”

“I don’t remember the first time I heard about Star Wars or watched the movies,” said Kiefer, who said the saga was part of her life since she was a baby. “I never officially recognized my fandom and expressed it until I got into Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

The Clone Wars brought Savanna’s fandom to the fore.

“The second season of the show really hooked me and made me excited about the characters,” she said, “especially Cad Bane and the clone troopers.”


Favorites and Fans

Both women have their favorite fan-aspects of the saga.

“I have a list of favorite characters, but if I had to choose one, [it’s] Darth Vader,” said Jenmarie. “His journey, though tragic, is such an impactful one.

“After the tragedies he endured, the temptations he faced; the destruction he brought upon the galaxy. He made the right choice at the end.

Ashley Eckstein & Kiefer at SWCA
Ashley Eckstein & Kiefer

“Padme’s undying love for Anakin lived on through their offspring, specifically Luke Skywalker. He challenged his father and helped him to see the light once more,” she added. “It’s a powerful story of redemption, one I think speaks to a lot of people.

“It’s never too late for anyone, there is always hope.”

Savanna has very eclectic tastes. Han Solo is her favorite character (“Smooth, suave, smuggler! You can’t not love that.), her favorite movie — right now — is Rogue One (“It’s so beautifully filmed and the story ties in [so well] with A New Hope) and Sabine Wren is her favorite cosplay (“I love all of the colors in her costume.”).

However, the friendships they’ve cultivated within the community remain both women’s favorite facet of the franchise.

It’s  a recurring theme.

Fashion and Friendship

“There’s always someone to talk to about the newest Star Wars movies or shows,” said Kiefer. “I make new friends on a daily basis when people recognize my Star Wars clothing.

“It’s really cool to be…stopped by someone who notices that your purse has the Mos Eisley cantina on it.”

“I definitely feel very fortunate to have these people in my life,” agreed Jenmarie. “They are all so kind, geek out as much as I do, and are very supportive.”

Looking ahead to Star Wars Celebration, Jenmarie will eagerly watch what the weekend brings – both fan and fashion-wise.

“I won’t be attending Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. But I will absolutely be watching the live stream as often as possible,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kiefer will travel to Florida and will provide us all with an inside look at the festivities.

“I’ll be working alongside Ashley Eckstein [the voice of Ahsoka Tano] at Celebration documenting her time at the convention and everything she’s doing,” she said. “I’ll be wearing the new Star Wars line by Her Universe!

“My favorite piece is the 40th Anniversary jacket that features C-3PO and R2-D2…so creative!”

So creative, just like Savanna and Jenmarie.

Sith relaxation


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