“The Cantina Cast” #172: Rey is NOT a Skywalker


After receiving a handful of e-mails from their listeners telling Mike and Joao they’re too biased in their thoughts on Rey’s lineage, Mike and Joao decided to go over the evidence that she is NOT a Skywalker.

Quick episode summary:


  • iTunes shout-outs
  • Mini topic: What else do we hope we see at Celebration outside of The Last Jedi trailer
  • Visceral’s Star Wars video game and Battlefront 2
  • Main Topic: Rey is NOT a Skywalker
  • Rey is related to Palpatine

  • Rey Kenobi (breakdown of Vincent Vendetta YouTube video)
  • Rey is a Solo
  • Rey is a nobody
  • Rey is a clone, reincarnation, or born of the Force
  • Final thoughts

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