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Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story to film in Fuerteventura for three weeks from May to June? is reporting that a call for the natives of Fuerteventura to work on the new untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story has gone out. If accurate and reliable it sounds like the filming will take place from May into June of this year. The rumors of filming in the Canary Islands has been pretty persistent over the last several months. As mentioned in previous reports, parts of the terrain can look like you’re on the beach and other parts look like something out of an old Western.

The posting on Facebook:

Just a warning: we can’t verify if this is legit but we believe it is. Always be wary of calls asking you to be in Star Wars. I only say this because there are a lot of scams out there that try and get people to pay for their ebooks, headshots, and add-ons to ensure “you get the part.” I believe the report above to be real or I wouldn’t report on it and I should also note if you aren’t living there, don’t waste their time by applying. And one last reminder: I’ve known a lot of people that have been extras on the new Star Wars movies and they never have been asked to spend their own money. Not a week goes by I don’t get asked if Star Wars is filming in Las Vegas or Ohio because of the evil people in the world looking to capitalize on our dreams.

If you apply, I hope you get it! Let us know how it goes!

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