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An aerial photo from the untitled Han Solo story Fuerteventura set!

An aerial photo has surfaced showing a set from the new untitled Han Solo story. This is on Fuerteventura. Recent reports have made it sound like filming would start sometime in the middle of the month and into the next month for around three weeks of filming with several hundred extras. Looking at the set it does look like a pretty good size place to film and it is easier to see how that amount of extras could fill up the set rather easily.

Our friends at have let us know that the local news “Noticias Fuerteventura” have released this photo:

It is pretty cool to see sets going up on location outside of Pinewood Studios. Could this be Gremm or Emlys Nest?  We also recently heard about “pod cars.”

We have recently reported on casting and names of characters that just may have sequences at this location. It is becoming a reality. A Lawrence Kasdan Han Solo film is coming. Now all we need is a title.


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