Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest Episode 100: Creamed Spinach

Hawes and Will celebrate one hundred episodes of “Blue Harvest”!

  • Hawes’ run-in with a couple of listeners to the podcast
  • Will and Hawes’ thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Was it influenced by The Empire Strikes Back?
  • Jabba the Hutt in the Han Solo movie?
  • Battlefront II thoughts.
  • Discussion about a cancelled Star Wars take on the Call of Duty franchise

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Ollie calls in to congratulate Hawes and Will on two years of podcasting
  • Neal writes in with a follow up about Qui-Gon’s Force ghost abilities
  • Richie from Boston has some thoughts about Kylo
  • Dean wonders what lead to the fracture between Luke and Kylo
  • Peter wants to know what Rey is running toward in The Last Jedi trailer
  • King Tom calls in with a special 100th episode voice message
  • Sors Bandeam is getting trolled by Kit Fisto
  • Evan writes in with a “yes” and “no” game
  • Kit Fisto the insult comic Jedi calls in from beyond the grave
  • One of the greatest minds of our generation calls in to congratulate the show
  • A guy named David is mad–REALLY mad–at Hawes

HUGE thanks to all of the amazing guests who have helped make the first one hundred episodes of our goofy little podcast so memorable.

Jeff Leng
Steve Cobra
Jessie McGarity
Ms Bone
Nutty Brown
Josh Isley
Keith Wanzek
Johnny Grasso
Vader Nick
Goose Payne
Evan DeChellis
Jeremy Allen
Steele Saunders
Sal Perales
Bryce Magee
King Tom
Jason Ward
Criss Fresh
Brad Love
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