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Han Solo untitled Star Wars story to film at Fawley Power Station?

The Daily Echo reports that the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story is currently filming at the Fawley Power Station. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation filmed in the area and the locals are excited to see the black cars rolling through to make another film. The location has a very ’70s look when it comes to the control building:

The Wikipedia page says the location has a dock installed for the delivery of oil by sea and the station was only used during times of high energy consumption. The station was built in 1971 and decommissioned in 2013.

The Daily Echo:

Production crews and actors working on the Star Wars spin off, which has the working title Red Cup, have been filming at Fawley Power Station.

One local says:

“I go to the fields where my horses are and I can see all of the marquees and people rushing around trying to get things into the building; it is all very exciting.”

What is interesting is there has been a lot of rumors about ports and docks being built. The story references a port:

Few details of the scenes to be shot at Fawley have been released, but a port sequence will be filmed this week.

There are not a lot of details so far but hopefully the locals chime in with some information that gives us a glimpse of the film. Some of the stuff in the power station looks like something about of a ’70s science fiction film. I love what we’re seeing from Han SoloI think it’s going to be cool. The locations have so far have been fun, anyway.

We’ll have more on the untitled Han Solo story soon!

Thanks to Steve for the heads-up!

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