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Kylo Ren’s starfighter from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A few weeks back we reported on Kylo Ren’s starfighter and his mission in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Today an online shop has posted pre-orders for the new The Last Jedi Hot Wheels cars, including our first look at Kylo’s starfighter:

Kylo’s starfighter almost looks like a new incarnation of the TIE Interceptor to me. The wings are very wide and slender like the Interceptor. The following could be a little spoiler-heavy for some, so click away now if you don’t want to know more details on the vehicle and Kylo. The following is a snippet from our latest article on Kylo:

Supreme Leader Snoke was let down by Kylo Ren when he failed to stop the “girl.” Now he is trying to prove himself. He doesn’t wear his helmet as much as he did in the first film from what I’ve been told. His new TIE has pointed wings like the TIE Interceptor but with a pill-shaped body. The cockpit is sort of like an old B-29 bomber compared to the classic TIE cockpit window. The thrusters in the back remind me of the Falcon as they glow blue and sort of evoke the Falcon. The custom ship was supposedly made to his specifications so he could take down the Resistance and I believe we see Kylo fly from the Mega Destroyer in his new ship.

The ship looks really cool and the character of the ship really changes when you see it from the front.

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