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Many Star Wars: The Last Jedi scoops confirmed and more!

There’s a new LEGO leak going around that confirms a lot of little things. I’m not going to post the images here because LEGO are  just going to ask me to remove them immediately. (Edit: the posts originally showed up here on Instagram). The images can be seen on Reddit (thanks to reader Jeremy for the link).

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First up here’s what was confirmed:

What’s is also interesting is:

  • Poe is named “Captain Poe Dameron” now.
  • Vice Admiral Holdo has a grey outfit different from her formal wear.
  • There is a gunner for the resistance named “Paige” who is Rose’s sister. She does what you would expect and is a gunner in the ball turrets of the Resistance Bombers. You can actually see her in in the turret externally in the film if they use the shot I saw.

Bonus stuff:

  • I saw a resistance BB unit a while back and was told his name was “Bobo” on set. I’m not sure if that will be his name officially or not.
  • I saw a First Order officer named “Captain Peavy.” He was sort of older looking and snobbish.

One thing to note is that the “fantasy” situations shown on these boxes and the characters included in the play sets do not actually mean very much. Sometimes they do but there’s a few things in these sets that I don’t think actually go together other than adding play value for children.

Can this movie come out already? I’m dying here! I’m not sure I am going to be able to handle the excitement of The Last Jedi and Han Solo just five months apart but I’m willing to try!

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