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Photos from the Fawley Power Station Han Solo story set!

Our friend Stephen headed down to Fawley Power Station and snapped some exclusive photos for us! It appears to be some sort of entry gate. You can see two protected windows with two doors beside the windows. It seems like the access point to a protected location, maybe.

Stephen noted:

  • Took a few shots of preparation for shooting
  • Various green/blue screens being taken into the main building
  • A row of vaporators running down the length of the main building
  • There was a camera car practicing a few runs down one of the service roads
  • The grey bunker seems to be Imperial as it has the Imperial style wall light lozenges on the left door and the Aurebesh sign reads “check point.”

Here is a shot of the location’s layout he also sent:

Thanks again to Stephen for heading all the day down there for us. We always appreciate getting a glimpse as the next Star Wars film.

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