“The Cantina Cast” #178: The Prophecy–End of the Jedi

Mike and Joao once again take on the prophecy as well as the end of the Jedi.

Quick episode summary:

  • News: Rey and Kylo’s new looks–what could this mean?
  • Main Topic: was Luke looking for the prophecy?
  • Mark Hamill fundamentally disagrees with Rian Johnson on Luke’s character
  • Would Rian Johns revisit the prophecy in The Last Jedi?
  • Why did Luke go looking for the first Jedi temple?
  • What is within the books we see in The Last Jedi trailer?
  • What is the true prophecy?
  • A prophecy… that misread could have been.
  • Why does Luke want the Jedi to end?
  • Would the galaxy be better without the Jedi?

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