“The Cantina Cast” #179: Ahsoka Tano Character Dissection


The listeners voted for it so here it is: the Ahsoka Tano character dissection.
Quick episode summary:

  • News: Rian Johnson talks about the change he asked for in The Force Awakens
  • Our initial thoughts on seeing this new character and padawan of Anakin Skywalker
  • Was she chosen to be Anakin’s padawan because she was unique with the Force? Or was she a sacrifice for him to let go?
  • As reckless as Anakin?
  • Trying to impress her master, Obi-Wan, and the Jedi
  • Ahsoka the teacher
  • Ahsoka’s Jedi trials
  • Leaving the order
  • More of a Jedi than the Jedi?
  • Her ability to let go
  • Joining the Rebellion
  • Ahsoka vs. Vader
  • Did she become stronger in the Force because of the Daughter in the Mortis Arc?
  • Her parallels to Luke Skywalker
  • The future of Ahsoka

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