There’s a Star Wars: The Last Jedi book called Bomber Command coming

Our friend Florian at Jedi-Bibliothek has found a cool hint at a fan favorite ship which may be making its return in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Florian says that a series of books called Replica Journals from Studio Fun will be a part of the additional literature for The Last Jedi. One of the books that now has a title in the online catalogues is being called Bomber Command.

Florian theorizes that the bombers in question could be the popular TIE bombers, most notably used to try and flush out the Millennium Falcon from the asteroid field in The Empire Strikes Back, and recently seen in Star Wars Rebels. It’s important to note there is no indication yet if this book is about Imperial bombers or Resistance bombers. It would be great to get a book with some details about those cool new ships we saw on Crait in The Last Jedi teaser.

Check out what else Florian has to say about this series at Jedi-Bibliothek.

Bomber Command is out December 12th, and up for pre-order on Amazon now.

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