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A fun photo of the Fuerteventura set from the untitled young Han Solo Star Wars story!

A new photo of the Han Solo solo film set in Fuerteventura has made its way online. Our friends at via Canarias7 have given us the heads-up to the photo on their site:

While I could totally be wrong, I still think it might not be Tatooine. It just doesn’t really evoke that vibe to me if you take the sand away and the foliage with the sand doesn’t scream Tatooine even though there were moments of it for certain Tatooine locations. In the past we’ve heard of some locations and a planet but I don’t want to apply that to every set we see from this film hoping to eventually make the correct connection so I’m waiting patiently for the answers to present themselves on this one.

There appears to some some “pod racer” engines or just engines in the vein of ones we saw on both Jakku for The Force Awakens and cast reveal photo from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

The architecture is pretty interesting.  Here is a “rocky” translation from the local news site:

“The first rumors pointed out that the houses were being built of salt, with tons and tons of salt. A witness who managed this week to avoid the iron surveillance of the filming described that the town was formed by brown leather tents or jaimas. However, the image shows a village almost on the verge of being undone, built with metallic remains that are protected as they can from the sun of the planet Corellia invented in Fuerteventura.

They also make a claim that Donald Glover was seen at the airport:

Also landing at the airport in Fuerteventura during the weekend were secondary actors like Donald Glover, who gives life to another intergalactic smuggler: Lando Calrissian, first owner of the Millennium Falcon.

Hopefully some evidence of Glover in the area validates the report. For now we should consider the possibility but look for more evidence before accepting this as entirely accurate. If he was seen firsthand, I would imagine photos would or are coming of the moment he landed at the airport.

The set looks pretty cool though. I really want to see a young Han Solo movie more and more with every small glimpse of the film we get. I really hope the release date doesn’t change because getting this five months after The Last Jedi is going to rock.

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