Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest Episode 104: The Spirit of Ronnie James Dio

Lots of video game talk on this week’s episode of “Blue Harvest” with Hawes Burkhardt and Will Whitten.

  • Empire Magazine names The Empire Strikes Back as the second-best movie of all time.
  • Hawes and Will discuss all of the Battlefront II information from E3.
  • Colin Trevorrow, the director of Episode IX, had a new movie released and the reviews have not been kind.

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Richie wonders when the Star Wars saga films with eventually wrap up.
  • William asks about the promotion for the upcoming Han Solo movie.
  • Patrick wants to know what Star Wars toys he should start collecting for his young son.
  • Ollie has a cooking question for Will.
  • Neal has some thoughts about the rumored “sea creature” from The Last Jedi.
  • Tomas wants to know what figure Will and Hawes would like to see Hasbro produce and has some questions about Mara Jade.

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