Empire Strike Back poster

Empire Strike Back poster

A New Hope Listed at #4

MakingStarWars.net — Empire Magazine readers have voted and two films in the Star Wars saga appear in the top 10 of the publication’s “100 Greatest Movies Issue” – set to hit newsstands on Thursday, June 15th. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V) is listed at number two, just behind The Godfather in the top spot, and with A New Hope (Episode IV) at number nine.

Empire Magazine on The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Magazine hits shelves June 15.

Empire Magazine hits shelves June 15.

The original “this one’s darker” sequel, and by far the strongest of the saga. Not just because the baddies win (temporarily), or because it Force-slammed us with that twist (“No, I am your father”). Empire super-stardestroys thanks to the way it deepens the core relationships — none more effectively than Han and Leia’s. She loves him. He knows. And it still hurts. [Full review here…]

As for the original Star Wars, in his review Andrew Collins mused, “It’s tricky, but try to imagine a time before Star Wars. ”

The MSW crew certainly can’t remember that time.

And having three films in the top ten has to make Lucasfilm feel proud, as Raiders of The Lost Ark stands at number seven. But do you agree with the order?

Did Empire Magazine fans slight Empire by placing it in second position? And what about the orginal?  Put in the final spot in the batting order, was Episode IV lucky to remain in the top 10? Where the heck is Return of the Jedi?

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Star Wars poster

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