Funko reveals first wave of San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars exclusives!

We are just over six weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con, the marquee event of the con season, and today Funko revealed wave 1 of its SDCC exclusives featuring Star Wars POP!s

Although Funko had previously announced that it would be revealing its first wave today, my excitement was somewhat reserved.  Typically, Funko tends to wait until the last day or two of reveals before getting to Star Wars.  Imagine my shock when I clicked on the Periscope feed and saw a GLORIOUS 6″ holographic Supreme Leader Snoke!

Funko revealed four POP!s today and I can say with ease that all four are absolute must-haves.  I know con exclusives have a tendency of making a lot of fans anxious and despondent.  However, looking at the type of sticker on these POP!s I’m going to guess that these four will all be shared exclusives.  Generally, when exclusives are not shared, they are numbered and have a different sticker.  These all share the same “limited edition” sticker so look for them to be shared with Funko’s retail partners.  Of course once they are officially announced (likely on Preview Night), we will report it here.

Check out the fantastic video below with close-ups of the POP!s, as well as the glam shots from the Funko blog.  Which is your favorite?

If you follow the Funko Q&As on Twitter, you know that one of the most common questions is “Where’s Bodhi?”  It’s great that Funko finally got around to making this POP! so that we can complete our Rogue One squad.  I’m not sure why it even took this long but he looks fantastic.

The “rhino driver” is also a very cool Rogue One character that was missing in POP! form.  I’m glad they didn’t forget him as he’s one of the coolest designed troopers I’ve seen.  This will never happen, but I would have loved to see a POP! ride/deluxe with the actual hovertank and this character.  Perfect for my POP! Chirrut and Baze to attack!

This POP! was a shocker to me.  Primarily because last year there were heavy rumors that a 6″ holographic Snoke would be a SDCC exclusive.  Obviously that didn’t happen but here we have it a year later.  Snoke looks pretty awesome and the super-sized POP! is perfect for him.  I need this badly.

I’m going to guess that this set will likely be the most in-demand con exclusive at SDCC.  I know some fans were disappointed that Smuggler’s Bounty Star Wars: A New Hope 40th Anniversary box did not feature a Leia POP! but it makes a bit more sense in light of this reveal.  It’s just a beautiful set.  Not only do we get a completely new mold A New Hope Leia in the iconic hologram form, but this is a brand new R2 POP! as well.


Bodhi confirmed to be a shared exclusive:


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