Star Wars Battlefront II: "Assualt on Theed" (EA Star Wars)

Gaming & Prequel Trilogy Fans Await “Assault on Theed” — The latest  “The Star Wars Show” outlined this weekend’s schedule for EA Play. That docket that includes a new trailer for Battlefront II and a gameplay live stream. MSW reported on the first trailer for the game earlier this year.

The new trailer makes its worldwide debut during the EA live show at 12:00 PM (Pacific), with a 20-on-20 Battlefront II “Assault on Theed” live stream following at 1:00 PM.

EA tease: The prequels, original trilogy, and new era meet in an expanded multiplayer experience and galactic-scale space combat. Play iconic heroes that bring distinct abilities to the battlefront – or join the fight in an emotionally gripping single player story…

“Don’t worry Prequel defense force,” said Anthony Carboni. “Your era will be lovingly represented in the game.”

C0-hosts Andi Gutierrez and Carboni also spoke about a new ILMxLAB VR Mustafar demo. The pair also teased the return of Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures on Saturday, June 17.