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Perri Nemiroff at the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Premiere

Star Wars Never Sleeps and Neither Does Nemiroff

Much like her namesake, Perri “Grand Moff” Nemiroff has her hands in everything.

But unlike the nefarious work of Wilhuff Tarkin in the Star Wars universe, the ubiquitous Collider reporter comes at her successful reporting about a galaxy far, far away honestly.

Listed as a producer and director on IMDB, movie fans know Nemiroff best from her tireless work on Collider Video, Collider Jedi Council, and her visits to the last two Star Wars Celebrations (in London 2016 and Orlando 2017 ).

“I know exactly what drew me to the franchise,” said Nemiroff when asked what triggered her lifelong obsession with Star Wars. “My dad, Steve.

“He bought the original trilogy box set on VHS and we’d watch it over and over together.

“I still have it!”

Scary Perri NemiroffNemiroff certainly does have it (Star Wars) — and so many other things — in her life. And, given her hectic schedule, fans might expect Perri to lament a certain amount of lost sleep.

“I might not get a proper amount of sleep consistently, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said. “It’s nice having downtime every once in a while, but there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than working, just because I love what I do so much.”

For fans of the Saga, the feeling is mutual.

Nemiroff’s take on the Star Wars galaxy (among other beats) has become a staple on Collider, which is just fine with Perri, whose passions run the gamut from horror to Pixar.

“I’m not sure if [Star Wars] intersects much [with other genres]. I just happen to be intensely passionate about drastically different kinds of films.

“I’m a big sci-fi/fantasy fan right now, and I imagine that has a little something to do with being exposed to Star Wars at such a young age,” she said.

A Beautiful Simplicity

Nemiroff is Leia-like (Princess Leia)

Nemiroff is Leia-like in her approach…

Like many, Perri points to A New Hope as her favorite Star Wars property.

“It started it all, and I tend to watch that one the most,” explained Nemiroff. “There’s a beautiful simplicity to the narrative; so much incredible world-building, and I just fell in love with the characters.

“One of my favorite qualities in a movie is when it makes you feel like you never want to leave that world,” she added, “and that’s exactly what A New Hope did for me.”

Given her place on Collider, and her whip-smart reactions to her co-stars, there are certainly times when Nemiroff might remind fans of her favorite character.

“She’s smart, strong, compassionate, capable,” said Perri, explaining her own appreciation for Leia Organa. “[Leia’s] a true leader with the ability and drive to make a difference.”

Asked if she felt, as a woman, that she needed to work harder than men in the business to achieve similar goals, Nemiroff’s answer was similarly Leia-like.

“Without a doubt,” said Nemiroff. “But I use it as motivation.

“No matter what, I’m going to keep working, doing what I love and trying to meet every single one of my goals.

“Nothing is going to change that,” she said.

A Sense of Humor is Key

Little Miss Critical: Perri's Twitter Avatar

Perri’s Twitter Avatar (@pnemiroff) features her signature bangs…

However, Nemiroff agreed that a sense of humor is key to success, on either side of the camera.

“It’s very important for a number of reasons,” said Perri. “Making movies is an incredibly intense, exhausting and expensive process.

“Yes, you need to take it seriously, but if you’re all serious all the time, the stress can be overwhelming.

“It may sound silly and simple, but anytime I’ve found myself feeling extremely stressed on set, it helps to remind myself – it’s just a movie. And the same goes for my work as a critic too.”

That said, it’s clear that movies aren’t just movies to Nemiroff.

“I’m very passionate about a number of properties and want those movies to be the best they can be,” said Nemiroff. “But not having your expectations met can be a major bummer.

“There’s nothing wrong with disappointment, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving something a negative review, but I try to keep in mind that every movie out there has a fan.

“I do my best to respect that,” she said.

Low Downside

SWCO: On the Jedi Council

SWCO: On the Jedi Council

As for any other difficulties she encounters in her work, Nemiroff seems hard pressed to find anything specific.

“I think the only downside is that I want to read and watch everything and there’s just not enough hours in the day,” she said. “I’ve always gravitated towards the Star Wars franchise, but since joining the Council, it’s turned into an all-consuming obsession, wanting to learn and experience everything I can.”

Fans can thank Collider’s Kristian Harloff for Perri’s place on #ColliderJediCouncil, and her love for the new Star Wars canon.

“During my first trip to LA to meet the Collider Video team, Kristian suggested I read Lords of the Sith – I did on my flight home to NY and that was it,” she said. “He sent me a whole bunch of recommendations after that, and I devoured every single one of them.

“After making the move out West he gave me a shot on the show, and I am so, so grateful,” she added. “It’s just so nice to get to sit there and talk about something you love for an hour with people who are – one – also in love with the franchise and – two – are some of the kindest, most talented people I know.”

Beyond the Saga

A driving passion

Star Wars: A driving passion…

Nemiroff fits that bill herself, and her work transcends Collider.

“We cover a lot more beyond Star Wars, but just imagine being able to turn to anyone at any point in the work day and be able to talk about something you love,” said Nemiroff, who unwittingly listed the reasons why fans follow her across many, many platforms, including her YouTube channel.

“Having my own YouTube channel is still a new thing for me, but I’m having a blast with it! It’s great to have a place to play and make whatever I feel like making at the moment,” she said. “I love reviewing movies, but I think I’ve had the most fun with the vlogs. The possibilities are endless with that format.

“They’re super challenging to edit,” she added. “So I’ve been learning a lot while making them”

“You have made a commitment…”

A willingness to learn has been key to Nemiroff’s success.

“I graduated from NYU with a degree in journalism, so I was reviewing and covering movies before I was making them,” said Nemiroff of the genesis of her varied career. “A couple of years into it, something didn’t really feel right about critiquing someone else’s work without experiencing it for myself, so I went back to school and got my masters in film [at Columbia].

“[Going back to school] was a huge commitment,” she explained. “But for me personally, I needed the two degrees to do what I do.”

“I was a little worried about not working full-time for three years, but yet again, it wound up being the right choice.

The right choice seems like an understatement.

“While I was working on that degree, I was still writing about film and wound up landing a full-time job writing for,” said Nemiroff. “While I was there, I was doing a lot of video work so when AMC Movie Talk became Collider Movie Talk; it just made sense for me to move out west and start working with the video team.”


Competing the Star Wars Half Marathon

Competing in the Star Wars Half Marathon

Writing about film is a lot different from directing, writing, or producing a film.

However, Perri has done it all, earning producing credits on FaceTime (2011), The Professor (2013), and Child Eater (2016), with additional directing/writing credits on FaceTime and a directing credit on a short entitled Trevor.

Queried as to what type of Star Wars film she would write or produce if given a chance, Nemiroff said, “Something from the Imperial perspective and probably something R-rated that might fall into the horror genre – surprise, surprise!

“I’ve read the Death Trooper book — not my favorite book, and a good thing it’s not canon — but it did make me think there could be a whole lot of R-rated fun to be had in this franchise.”

Speaking of books, Perri — currently reading Darth Plagueis — showed some extra geek chops when discussing her favorite piece of Star Wars literature.

“I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to what could make a good Star Wars book, but the books I’ve responded to most are the ones that offer new perspectives on familiar events or characters I thought I knew,” she said. “It’s probably no surprise that Lost Stars is my favorite book.

“I read that one, but I prefer listening to audiobooks, especially for Star Wars books,” she added. “They do such a great job incorporating score and sound effects, and the folks they find to do the voice work are incredible.”

An Incredible Feeling

Nemiroff’s work has been pretty impressive, too; particularly when working as the eyes and ears of the fans at SWCO.

“I had a fantastic time at both Celebrations,” said Perri. “They actually might be some of my favorite convention experiences ever. Especially Star Wars Celebration Orlando because I had the whole Collider team there with me and the support for Jedi Council was through the roof.

“It’s an incredible feeling to see so many people come out to support something that you love doing,” she added. “Collider Video wouldn’t be what it is today without the fans we meet at Star Wars Celebration and other events; the viewers that like and comment on our videos.

“That’s something I stop and think about every single day…”

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