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Ahsoka artwork by Dave Filoni

We know what Tano isn’t… — Slight spoilers follow! Speculation is part of fandom, and no fandom speculates more than fanatics of Star Wars.

As Star Wars Rebels enters its final season, many who follow a galaxy far, far away watched the Season 4 trailer with much anticipation. Likewise, fans followed the news from April’s Star Wars Celebration Orlando voraciously.

Nobody was disappointed…

However, after reading the news and pouring over the trailer, nobody had any clarity regarding what to expect in the final episodes, either. And Star Wars Rebels Executive Producer Dave Filoni didn’t help matters by wearing “Ahsoka Lives?” and “Ahsoka Lives!” consecutively during the Rebels panel at SWCO.

But even beyond the major question of Ahsoka’s fate, there was a large cadre of fans who believed they had a clue to Tano’s status in-universe following her duel with Darth Vader in the Rebels Season 2 finale.

A Birthday Gift?

Wolves are a favorite motif of Filoni, as are the owl-like convorees (named after his wife) found throughout The Clone Wars and Rebels. A giant wolf, with markings similar to Tano’s montrals, was prominent in the Season 4 trailer. And convorees have been ubiquitous in the show.

Add a little of this, and a little of that, and you have theories; seemingly all debunked by Filoni, who earlier this week tweeted:

Filoni tweet

So–and in the end–fans don’t know anything for sure, but we know what we don’t know? Sorta…

Stay tuned this fall on Disney XD.