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Note: This article contains spoilers for the book Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad.


Readers get first look at book chronicling Star Wars’ new anti-hero

Recently, Joel Cunningham of hit the nail squarely on the head when he wrote: “Long gone are the days when being a Star Wars fan meant watching (and rewatching!) a handful of movies.”

These days, fans need only turn to their smartphone. There, they’ll find the latest news, details, and footage about their favorite galaxy (far, far away).

News flies fast and furious; especially when Lucasfilm fires a pair of directors with only three weeks left in filming. However, MSW can’t let USA Today‘s publishing an Inferno Squad excerpt (back on June 20th) go without its due attention.

The book acts as a preface to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II video game.

A Certain Point of View

In Return of the Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi said truth depends “greatly on our own point of view.”

Brian Truitt of USA Today wrote as much when he posted about the upcoming Christie Golden novel:

Tales of Star Wars’ greatest good guys — Han, Luke, Leia and the rest — are now legend, but there were heroes on the other side as well… The new novel Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad focuses on Iden Versio and other Imperial soldiers whose nobility depends on if you’re a part of the Rebel Alliance or fancy yourself a devotee of Darth Vader.

“It was wonderful to be able to explore the Empire’s side of things through the eyes of someone who is a strong, likable person who firmly believes in what she’s been taught the Empire espouses,” Christie Golden (Star Wars: Dark Disciple) told Truitt. “Best of all, Iden is a deep, complex character who is faced with decisions and choices that are often harsh and sometimes downright brutal.”

Above the Death Star

USA Today’s excerpt finds Commander Iden Versio in the seat of a TIE fighter. There, she battles Rebel X- and Y-wings over the original Death Star.

“Like so many things in life, once you’re in the situation you realize things aren’t simple at all,” said Golden to USA Today. “How far do you go? What do you really believe? Is there any line you won’t cross for the cause you champion? What are the consequences if you do and if you don’t? The whole idea of gray, rather than black and white, fascinates me.”

The idea of “watching” the battle of Yavin from the cockpit of a TIE fighter is fascinating to many. That many includes Golden, who introduced the snippet:

“Iden is in her TIE fighter, taking aim at the Rebel pilots who for some insane reason are directly attacking the Death Star at close range. At this moment, she’s full of confidence that her side is going to win. The Empire can finally start bringing order and peace to the galaxy. Except that isn’t what happened.”

BTW: Barnes & Noble Bonus

Fans who buy the book through Barnes & Noble will receive a two-sided Inferno Squad poster; the front and back featured at the top and bottom, respectively, of this post.

Read the excerpt in USA Today and purchase/download the book on July 25th.

Inferno Squad Poster, Back (
Inferno Squad Poster, Back (


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