New Trailer for The Last Jedi Set to Drop Soon

thelastjedi - New Trailer for The Last Jedi Set to Drop Soon

Report says expect new The Last Jedi trailer at D23 or SDCC


Nice work by the folks at Furious Fanboys, who just posted the following:

The BBFC in the UK has just classified a new trailer for The Last Jedi, and based on its running time and designation, this is a different one than what we got in April:

Furious Fanboys, Star Wars Trailer
Image via Furious Fanboys

April’s trailer was called “Trailer A” and ran about two minutes. This is a “Trailer B” and is actually thirty seconds shorter.

We’re likely to see the new trailer either at D23 Expo during the Live Action panel on July 15th, or at San Diego Comic Con in Hall H a week later on July 22nd.

A Difference in Opinion

This flies in the face of recent reports, which speculate that the new trailer is a long way off.

Screen Rant’s Chris Agar posted the following on June 12:

The bottom line is that there’s no real reason to release another Episode VIII trailer at this point in time, and there probably won’t be another until the fall around the time tickets are available for pre-order (just like The Force Awakens) and the studio wants to get the hype train rolling again. It’s expected D23 will contain details about the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film and a possible announcement regarding the third Star Wars anthology, so Lucasfilm wouldn’t want to detract from those revelations with a big Last Jedi push.

Only time will tell when we’re getting some new footage; hopefully sooner than later. Until then, enjoy Trailer A:

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