Rumor: The Importance of Alderaan to Visceral’s “Project Ragtag” Star Wars Game!

Goodbye Alderaan
Goodbye Alderaan

SPOILERS: Do not sure the deatails of this article openly on Social Media.

Don’t spoil ‘Star Wars: Project Ragtag’ for those who want to remain spoiler-free. Let’s respect other fans’ wishes. Some fans do not appreciate the advanced information. Be cool!

Project Ragtag is the upcoming Visceral Star Wars Game.

In a recent story, I conveyed how the protagonist, a man named Dodger, is a survivor of Alderaan. As such, he left the planet when he was drafted into Imperial service to begin life on the run. His plight was made worse by the destruction of Alderaan.

Dodger found himself on a list of survivors that the Empire was actively hunting in the aftermath. As the story opens, he is trying to get a big job so he can buy himself off that list.

So Dodger’s connection to Alderaan is  important and drives the plot of Visceral’s Star Wars game.

Mining Alderaan?

Because the Empire has tightened its grip on the Outer Rim territories, a mid-level crime boss from the Rang Clan sees an opportunity to cozy up to the Empire. This can be advantageous to the Rang as the Rang’s mining operations recently discovered a violaceous gas that has formed where Alderaan used to be. The purple substance can be weaponized. So the Rang Clan begins to test it and set up a mining facility with mining ships in the Alderaanian graveyard.

The crime boss and the “Tarkin Initiative” have a valuable weapon on their hands. The weapon is obscene in that it can be sprayed on an environment and all living creatures in the area are petrified. What’s left are calcified remains like something out of the ruins of Pompeii.

So the advantage to the weapon is that everything else around it is left perfectly intact. It means the Empire can take anywhere it wants, remove the inhabitants, and not harm valuables and locations they may want for strategic reasons.

A Vulgar Weapon

The weapon is vulgar, as it weaponizes the remains of Alderaan; a peaceful world without any weapons that was obliterated by Grand Moff Tarkin as a test (and a slap in the face to Princess Leia Organa).

Furthermore, there is a beautiful piece of concept art that is absolutely haunting. It shows a Star Destroyer coming towards the camera in a purple mist in an asteroid field. The purple mist is illuminated, showing different shades of purple on the blackness of space. So, imagine an ominous storm on the horizon of space and a Star Destroyer and TIE fighters fly out of it, but the clouds are dark purple.

Words do not do it justice, but if the game visually lives up to the concept art, there are going to be some intense cinematics in this game that gives the Star Wars films a run for their money.

Dodger’s Dilemma

Dodger will witness the weapon used on someone he has grown to call family. It will put Dodger in a place where he has to decide to take a stand or keep running. The ghost of Alderaan still haunt him and continues to take from him. Dodger blamed the Rebel Alliance for putting his home planet in harm’s way and now he finds himself on their side more than ever.

However, If someone doesn’t stop the Rang Clan and the Tarkin Initiative’s operation the galaxy faces a dark future; a future that only Dodger and his ragtag crew can stop.

So far I have to say I am loving the story and we’ll continue to follow and investigate Project Ragtag. I’m as excited for it as I am one of the movies to be honest. The game seems like it is as well-developed and, as a Star Wars fan, the other things I’ve heard have left me elated – to say the least.


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