Rumor: Visceral’s Star Wars Game has a heroic new partner in crime with Robie Mattox!

Today we have heard some more details on Visceral’s Star Wars untitled game that Amy Hennig is directing and co-writing with Todd Stashwick, code named Project Ragtag. The information is about the other protagonist that’s not Dodger. While the heart of the story is centered around Dodger, Robie Mattox is at the center of the story and the action as well and her story could branch out into the sequel of the 2018 game release.

Robie & Dodger meet the Rang for “negotiations.”

Robie Mattox’s Backstory

Robie Mattox is a woman in her early thirties that is Dodger’s partner in crime. She’s a gunslinger with an attitude and is one of the only people Dodger can trust, both personally and in a fight. We cannot understate her importance to the series being laid out right now as she’s our other main hero. Supposedly the plan is to have her take center stage in a sequel down the road.

Like most heroes in the Star Wars universe, Robie’s parents were killed when she was young. She grew up an orphan on 1313 after being taken in by the Wandering Star crime family. Robie has some weird hangups. She doesn’t like droids. Artificial life creeps her out. She would be right at home with Wuher at the cantina on Tatooine. This will apparently put her at odds with Doc, Dodger’s field medic droid.

Robie’s look and Possible Performer

In most pieces of concept art, actor Natalie Morales is depicted as playing Robie. We aren’t sure if Morales is actually playing Robie in the game or if the artists just liked her look or she was in consideration at one point. Her costume generally appears to be a tight-fitting leather jacket, a little high above the waist with a white V-neck shirt (like Finn’s in The Last Jedi). Her pants are dark and have a Han Solo-style holster strapped around her right leg. She sometimes wears the same hat Dr. Aphra wears and other times wears a hat sort of like what the Rebels have on Endor in Return of the Jedi if it was turned into a cap or a leather cap with a metal brim. She is sometimes depicted with a sniper rifle too. She really has a Dr. Aphra vibe overall in terms of look and feel.

Robie and Dodger: Best Pals

Robie is roped into helping Dodger when he is hired by Jabba the Hutt to kidnap Oona Sable, the daughter of a powerful Rang underboss. She probably knows it is a bad idea but her and Dodger’s friendship puts them in sticky situations and they somehow seem to survive by keeping their wits and sense of humor intact. The banter and friendship between the two is a central part of the heart of the crew that is put together on Dodger’s ship.

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