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Thrawn Love in the New York Daily News

Thrawn, flanked by Death Troopers, Star Wars Rebels, Disney XD
Thrawn, flanked by Death Troopers, in Star Wars Rebels.

Zahn on Thrawn’s longevity, future — The most beloved character introduced in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (a.k.a. Star Wars Legends), Timothy Zahn’s Grand Admiral Thrawn has seen a recent renaissance.

Thanks to his return to canon–in a best-selling novel and his animated characterization on Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels–the lone Chiss in the Imperial Navy has reached a new generation of fans with his logic, patience, and cunning.

Today, the New York Daily News delivered some mid-morning Thrawn/Zahn love penned by Sean Keane:

Thawn cover
Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn

The Chiss military strategist made his début in 1991’s “Heir to the Empire,” but has most recently been seen hunting rebel scum in [Timothy] Zahn’s latest novel, “Thrawn,” and the CGI animated series “Star Wars Rebels.”

When the 65-year-old sci-fi writer was creating a new Imperial antagonist for his first “Star Wars” novel, he wanted to bring a very different character into a galaxy far, far away — one that stood in contrast to the terrifying Vader and manipulative Emperor Palpatine.

In Keane’s article (loaded with links), Zahn talked about the past, present and future of the blue-skinned genius, noting:

  • The author has pitched two ideas for sequel stories set after the acclaimed new canon novel.
  • He has plenty of other ideas further into the timeline (depending on the character’s longevity in other media).
  • Zahn said there’s always the possibility that Emperor’s Hand Mara Jade (Skywalker) could also make a return, depending on Lucasfilm’s plan.

“What they have planned, I don’t know,” said Zahn to The Daily News. “But they’re keeping their options open, which is always good.”

Sounds like someone we know…

Enjoy the Rebels Season 4 trailer below and read the full New York Daily News article here.


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