Thrawn, flanked by Death Troopers, Star Wars Rebels, Disney XD

Thrawn, flanked by Death Troopers, in Star Wars Rebels.

Zahn on Thrawn’s longevity, future — The most beloved character introduced in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (a.k.a. Star Wars Legends), Timothy Zahn’s Grand Admiral Thrawn has seen a recent renaissance.

Thanks to his return to canon–in a best-selling novel and his animated characterization on Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels–the lone Chiss in the Imperial Navy has reached a new generation of fans with his logic, patience, and cunning.

Today, the New York Daily News delivered some mid-morning Thrawn/Zahn love penned by Sean Keane:

Thawn cover

Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn

The Chiss military strategist made his début in 1991’s “Heir to the Empire,” but has most recently been seen hunting rebel scum in [Timothy] Zahn’s latest novel, “Thrawn,” and the CGI animated series “Star Wars Rebels.”

When the 65-year-old sci-fi writer was creating a new Imperial antagonist for his first “Star Wars” novel, he wanted to bring a very different character into a galaxy far, far away — one that stood in contrast to the terrifying Vader and manipulative Emperor Palpatine.

In Keane’s article (loaded with links), Zahn talked about the past, present and future of the blue-skinned genius, noting:

  • The author has pitched two ideas for sequel stories set after the acclaimed new canon novel.
  • He has plenty of other ideas further into the timeline (depending on the character’s longevity in other media).
  • Zahn said there’s always the possibility that Emperor’s Hand Mara Jade (Skywalker) could also make a return, depending on Lucasfilm’s plan.

“What they have planned, I don’t know,” said Zahn to The Daily News. “But they’re keeping their options open, which is always good.”

Sounds like someone we know…

Enjoy the Rebels Season 4 trailer below and read the full New York Daily News article here.

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