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Video of the new “Biker Scout” from the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story

A video of the new Biker Scout we saw outside at the power station has surfaced on Instagram from the untitled young Han Solo story. You can get a pretty good feel for the look of the Stormtrooper/Biker Scout. Is this the cop at the side of the road during Han Solo’s race/chase with the other vehicle we posted videos on? Or is this actually a race and this Imperial represents the Empire? If so it could be detrimental to not let him win. I can’t wait to find out.

Check out the video:

A post shared by David Penny (@davidpennyesq) on

A post shared by David Penny (@davidpennyesq) on

Some past videos:

I can’t wait to see this sequence with the speeders moving with the wheels erased. It is going to be pretty cool to see a Scout Trooper type of character on a bike and it isn’t composited on the screen but rather shot cleverly and or augmented to give the most realistic take on a flying “swoop.”

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