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Blue Harvest Episode 106: Will Saw a UFO

This week Will tells Hawes about his recent encounter of the third kind.

  • Hawes discovers a strange hole in his front yard.
  • Will saw a UFO?
  • Making Star Wars has been reporting on the upcoming Star Wars game being developed by Visceral studios.
  • Who are the main characters of “Project Ragtag” and how does the destruction of Alderaan tie into their story?

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Peter wants to know what our favorite light saber duel is.
  • Tomas wonders about the future of C3PO.
  • John “levels up” and has an interesting idea for a spin off film.
  • King Tom wants to know what cameos we’d like to see in the Han Solo movie.
  • Brad asks for a little clarification about biscuits.
  • Vinnie has a few thoughts about the recent Han Solo director change.
  • Han Brolo wants to know our thoughts on the PS2 and XBox game Bounty Hunter.

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