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Blue Harvest Episode 110: Seeking Silence

Hawes and Will are joined by Jeremy Allen the Space Barbarian this week!

  • Jessie has a strange run-in at the Waffle House
  • A composer for the Han Solo film has been announced
  • Warwick Davis and Ron Howard reunited (and it feels so good)
  • Bio text from the first two The Last Jedi black series figures

E-mails and voice messages are read and discussed.

  • Chris has some ideas about the red soil seen in The Last Jedi trailer
  • Richie from Boston is PUMPED for The Last Jedi.
  • Brittani wants to know what the most and least cuddable animals in Star Wars are
  • Robbo writes in for the first times and set’s Hawes’ brain ablaze
  • King Tom wants to know what Yoda was up to on Dagobah
  • Ollie wants to know about sauce and gravy, and Palpatine and Anakin
  • Tomas wants to know what our “regular guy” Star Wars jobs would be

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