Book Review: Star Wars: BB-8 on the Run


Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens aired its very first trailer, BB-8 had stolen the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans. Seriously, this little droid is probably the cutest companion we’ve seen in the galaxy far, far away. Ok, next to R2-D2, of course. That said, it’s no wonder we see his picture on almost everything and anything, and in every retail store and supermarket. He’s adorably marketable and undeniably entertaining! It’s a no-brainer that Disney went ahead and produced this colorful children’s book featuring the lovable BB-8 and ran with it. Literally.

An excerpt from Star Wars: BB-8 On The Run

Maybe Poe was wrong.

Maybe you don’t get what you give…

Or then again, maybe you do.  


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A little round droid is alone and scared. His friend told him to run. To get away from here as far as he can. Here being Jakku. And yet, he was all alone, and he feared the worst for his friend Poe. But now, it’s all up to him. He has to bring the top-secret map back to the Resistance so they can find the whereabouts to the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker.


Honestly, this is probably the cutest story I have read in a long time. And yes, I love Star Wars and Star Wars books, but that’s not the only reason why I like this little adventure tale. It shows us how to uphold healthy, moral and core values. It’s important to try and remain virtuous, even when things get rough. It’s a story element that has been lacking in today’s world, and the way it’s told from BB-8’s point of view makes it new and refreshing.

Still, with every turn of the page, BB-8 is faced with challenges and choices. Some big and some small. And yet, he manages to stay true to what matters most. Principles. Well, principles for a droid.

All in all, both Drew Daywalt and Matt Myers orchestrate a fun-loving adventure. Full of colorful, and relatable life lessons. Not just for the characters of Star Wars, but for all of us in a galaxy not so far, far away.

A special thank you to Disney & Lucasfilm Press for supplying us with an advanced copy of this book for review purposes.

Star Wars: BB-8 on the Run will hit shelves on Force Friday II (9/1/17). Star Wars: BB-8 on the Run is written by Drew Daywalt, and illustrated by Matt Myers, and published by Disney & Lucasfilm Press.






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