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D23 Expo: An artist rendering of a “Star Wars Land” concept. (Disney)

Details of Disney’s Upcoming “Star Wars Lands” Revealed

While many of you were asleep, Disney D23 Expo began its onslaught on the pop culture world.

One of the most anticipated conventions in recent memory, the expectation level on the Expo floor will rival that of Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration, but with much less in the way of prior knowledge of what-the-heck is coming down the ramp.

However, and thanks to an early press screening, Disney Park and Saga fans already got a glimpse of Disney’s Star Wars-themed additions to Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

First Look at A Galaxy of Stories

Disney D23

Writer/reporter Amy Ratcliffe, contributor to StarWars.com, Nerdist, and IGN (and one of the co-hosts of Lattes With Leia) hit the bullseye with the blaster with her one-word synopsis of her feelings on the Star Wars Land model.

Germain Lussier of io9 held similarly succinct sentiments.

Last night, Corey kept tabs on everything Star Wars at D23 Expo as the rope dropped on the “Star Wars Land” exhibit. Read more…

What a Ride?

Pictures and video of a possible ride video found their way to the net, as well.

Meanwhile, the details of the exhibit hit social media, as other reporters started tweeting and Disney’s PR people got in on the action. Read more…

Disney D23 Expo Exclusives

Disney D23

Finally, Nerdist revealed three very cool limited edition D23 Star Wars Premium Elite Series sets. Read more…

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