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John Powell to compose the soundtrack for untitled young Han Solo Star Wars film! has announced that John Powell will be composing the music for the next stand-alone Star Wars film. The film will cover around six years of young Han Solo’s life and still remains untitled. While the title is still elusive the maestro behind the film’s sweet jams is upon us. writes:

Composer John Powell, who may be best known for his memorable soundtracks to the Matt Damon Bourne series, ShrekKung Fu Panda (1 and 2), and How to Train Your Dragon (1 and 2), will be lifting the baton to score the upcoming young Han Solo movie, due in theaters next year.

The untitled Han Solo movie will be scored in the style of the original Star Wars movies but retail Powell’s distinctive voice.

Powell will help bring the the action and emotional gravitas to Ron Howard’s Han Solo film. Star Wars fans are surprised by the choice as most assumed if John Williams wasn’t doing the movie Michael Giacchino would be since he handled Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I’ve seen many of the films Powell has composed for but I have very little recollection of the music from them. The thing I enjoy about these stand-alone films is we don’t know what to expect and that’s part of the fun. Powell will likely bring something new to the table and that’s all we can really ask for.

The press release says the film is still coming May 25th, 2018.

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