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Rian Reveals One Word from The Last Jedi crawl to Los Angeles Times

Kudos to the folks at for noticing a pretty interesting video/article by the Los Angeles Times Meredith Woerner.

While at D23 Expo, Woerner acutally got Director Rian Johnson to give up a few details on The Last Jedi – including one seemingly important word in the crawl.

Johnson told Woerner:

We didn’t finish the opening crawl and totally lock it until a few weeks ago actually. Because you’re like, ‘Do we need this word, do we need that word, what if we shift.’ It’s like a poem, there’s very little room for error in trying to get it just right. Which is awesome, it’s really fun.

And it’s fun to get ANY details on the upcoming move. However…


Johnson was coy with Woerner at first, and made a pretty (crappy) joke.

Then he answered seriously, turning to the side to avoid being caught on camera mouthing even one word from the highly secretive script:

‘Decimated,’ he said, and he looked quite proud.

“Decimated” could refer to a lot of things, but I’m betting it refers to the New Republic’s military. However, that’s simple and pure speculation.

Find the full article and video here. The video is very much worth a watch.

Back to it!

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